Read, listen, contemplate ... - Проект - Архитектор Наталия Олексиенко

Read, listen, contemplate ...

location: г.Киев

area: 210 sq.m

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Read, listen, contemplate ...

The interior was created for a young family, which like reading and listening to music. And we thought that modern art would be their next serious hobby. That`s why, main areas of apartment were designed open. And scenarios of visual communication were elaborated thoroughly. We wanted to create space, which is able to take an expression and color of modern painting. When the two-meter painting was crossed the threshold of the apartment, the color rushed like powerful stream. Plastic painting by Lebedynets makes the first impression and meets us  barely, when we walk into the apartment. Color prints continued collection in the master bedroom, which is also addressed as an open space. Glass walls separate bedroom, bathroom and an cabinet`s area. In children\\\\\\\'s room we have designed an entire wall for painting. Images of colored crayons were made by two generations: by grandson and grandmother.